Friday, April 23, 2010

Finalmente: Pics from Semana Santa!

Ok. So here are some fotos (in reverse order) from the Santa Cruz trek that Christie, Oso and I embarked on the first four days of abril. :) Enjoy.

I feel this is good one to show what Oso did most of the time: bark at cows and donkeys and people. :)

I always get stuck in the mud with Baja. Oh. By the way Patagonia. I need more shoes!

We made it to the top. Doesn't matter that it took us 3 hours from camp and it only took the Peruvian boy 1 hora.. nope. Doesn't matter at all.

Almost to the top. The valley behind us is what we went in to get to this point. Shumaq, no?


Peacecordians at work.

So this in reverse order.. but.. anyways.
Successful fording of river!

Oregon Trail anyone?

Actually thinking about fording the river instead of having to bushwhack our way to the trail.

"haha. We should ford the river."

Jatuncocha (in Quechua that means... Big Lake.)

This is Ichikcocha (which means? Yup. Little Lake.)

Just one of the many stunning views Anca$h has to offer.

Campsite Number 1. Getting lista for the dia.

First day. Good spirits, all of the stuff on the back.. actually that make us feel pretty good about ourselves considering every other person on this 4 day, 3 night trail hired donkeys and men to carry their gear. Peacecordians do it right. :)

It was divertido and I can't wait to explore mas!


Friday, April 9, 2010

Semana Santa

Hola a todos!
So, as I mentioned last blog, I went on a four day backpacking trip on the Santa Cruz trek with Baja... and it was amazing! As expected... even though it did not include making and eating pita....( I saw the pics.. the pita this year looked delicious). Anywho. We saw so many glaciers and mountains that it's impossible to know all their names, got to sleep in a tent, ate good camping food, walked uphill and downhill with Oso (Christie's perro), met some new amigos from Lima, hiked in the rain (only one day), saw lots of cows, donkeys and horses in the meadow, climbed up to 4,760 meters on Punto Union, got passed up by a 18 year old peruvian boy while going uphill on our third day (it took us 3 hours to get to the top.. it took him 1.. yeah! Seriously. He was a mountain goat!), practiced Quechua with the "donkey" man, and generally just enjoyed the splendor that is Ancash! Very shumaq (bonita.. beautiful). It was a good way to pass Semana Santa for sure.

Now it's back to site for more workness until ... (I'm not counting anything, but) 41 days with my padre and hermano get here!! (And Lowie tambien!!) I can't wait!

Hasta la proxima!