Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Two Weeks and Counting...


So here I am. Two more weeks to go. No puedo esperar! :)  Mi amiga Laurie is  the only one who can get me to pack and start to get things ready to go!  For me, it takes a friend since 3rd grade, who knows me soooo well, to get me to throw out and give away things.  I hate packing. Really.  As in I’d rather.... get sick... while being forced to watch a scary movie... while trying to figure out a really complicated math problem (with my dad teaching me)... and eat those dried gross banana chip things. That’s how much I hate packing.  Plus I’m no good at it. Laurie’s an expert and I’d probably end up going to Peru without any clothing if it wasn’t for her.  My sister would like to add the fact that she also played an important role in getting me to clean the room. Thank you Sarah!


    Right now I feel like I just want to get on that plane and go.  I’m feeling all those “normal” feelings I guess... I’m nervous, excited, anxious, excited... pretty much basically excited. This is the right thing for me to do right now.  It’s almost as if I was MEANT to do it really.  I’ll miss mi familia y amigos of course here in the good ol’ Estados Unidos and of COURSE Ben and Reggie (maybe I’ll just bring Ben with me...I hear there are a lot of dogs in Peru... Ben could make some friends) but for the most part I’m more than ready to meet new people, be surrounded by my language of choice of espanol, live with a host family again, and just explore! 

Another reason I’m ready to go now:  I want all those TO DO lists I’ve created to finish themselves.   

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