Thursday, March 25, 2010

Riverside: The original Peace Corps

Hola a todos! So it's time for a blog with words instead of just pictures... the lazy way to do it, and as I have been doing it for most of March :).

First of all, Happy 20th Birthday to mi hermano James! :) I remember I turned 20 in Spain and really felt like it was a big deal. I don't know. Something about finally changing that 1 to a 2 or something. But anyways, I hope you had a good one and you probably went to Disneyland again or something because that's what you guys do now that I'm gone. hehe.

Things are starting to roll now on the work front even though some vacation time is coming up pretty soon. Today I'll have my second (and hopefully a lot more productive) Medio Ambiente (Environmental) Club meeting with the kids from the primary school. I'll be learning to compost and do fun stuff right along with them... hopefully I'll teach them how to start little projects on their own and to work as a team as well as how to take care of Mother Nature.

In the realm of normal Shilla life I have been routinely sweeping (yay! too much dust) and cleaning every morning right along side my host familia and it recently dawned on me. The best thing, or what most prepared me in my life before becoming a Peace Cordian, was all the time spent in my grandparents' house in Riverside. :) De verdad though. Really really. Because now I'm living in an adobe house (like theirs), with lots of chickens, homeless dogs, allapa (Quechua for a lot of) dirt, no showers (although I guess that was my fault for never wanting to take a shower at grandma's.. I mean.. I would just get dirty again, what was the point?), eating delicious red grapes with seeds in the middle, cactus... the list just goes on. And Riverside was the best training. Ever. The end. :) I don't feel like I had to acostombrar so much because I was already used to it!

Speaking of Riverside, I'm getting a little sad about the fact that I will be missing Easter this year. :( Aye. No pita. I'm afraid it just wouldn't come out the same. Maybe next year I will intentar to make it if this year turns out to be really depressing. Maybe I'll just throw my very own Easter Egg hunt or something. Or dye some runtu (Quechua for eggs) at the very least. Luckily Lisa (Peru 13 peacecordian... all the way from Chota area, Cajamarca!!!!) is coming to go climbing with us here... it'll be fun and hopefully take my mind off the delicious lamb roasting slowly over an open flame somewhere far away... well. Maybe in Shilla instead of lamb it would be chancho (pig).. not too diferente, eh? I'll update about the traditions of Pascuas (Easter) here... if there are any!

Ok. Hasta la proxima! Abrazos!


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