Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A New School Year

Hola a todos!

Sooooo.... it's March and that means it's the start of the school year once again in good ol' Shilla. And what that means is that the teachers take awhile to get their stuff together... meaning.. that after 2 weeks after the technical first dia of school all the teachers are still not showing up, class time is kind of a joke and I still haven't entered the aula yet (although I will next week.. whew!). So, March tends to be a time of "What am I doing here? Should I really be watching 5 hours of The Wire every day?" Some days in March are pretty depressing for me. After vacaciones when things were so go go go and productive it's sort of a let down to have poco to do and just be in the planning stages of things. I guess it's sort of like an accountant after April 17th.

But hoy was mejor. And it started out with a hummingbird no mas. A huge BLACK hummingbird. I took it as a good sign and went to being productive the whole dia. The best thing to happen was the trip to a caserio (tiny part of the district of Shilla that you walk uphill to) called Llipta to check out the elementary school there. There are only four teachers and about 60 students (including the preschool)... it is so quaint and beautiful and since no volunteer has ever worked there before they seem very interested and excited to work with me on some small projects to help out with mainly sex ed for the older students, some self esteem booster activities, etc. etc. I am purdy excited to start fresh a bit.

It's weird to think that Peru 13 only has 6 months left! What is happening?? That can't be right! We are still the newbies I swear. So far the realization is hitting a lot stronger than even when I graduated from college. What am I going to do with my life? Where to next? So many big scary questions. A ver. I wish Peace Corps lasted 10 years. :)

Anywho. I hope things back in the casa are all good. I hope to write in a couple weeks to give more updates on vida. Cuidense!

Abrazos fuertes,

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