Monday, July 6, 2009

Hola Gringa y mas adventuras

Hello todos!
   So I am sitting next to my little friend Nicole again today :) She is adorable and she loves taking pictures on photobooth. hehe. 
  So.. I am a greeter. I greet everyone in my town all the time.. normally I just say "Buenas" instead of completing the entire phrase of "Buenas dias" or tardes or noches because it's just easier to say Buenas. Yesterday as I was walking up my mountain of a hill (that's becoming easier and easier to climb.. yay!) I said my regular "Buenas" and the woman responded "Hola Gringa". This is the first time that I have been called that as a name. I've been referred to as a gringo but never to my face really as direct... and..  I decided.... that I'm ok with it. Peruvians in general refer to others by their physical aspects... "flaco" "gordito" "grande" "cholo"... asi es. It's just another thing to get acostombrado to. 
  Today my youth group was a success!! yay! I have a group with 4 other volunteers every Monday that we set up to teach English and other fun things. Today was so much fun. We had about 8 kids. :) Yay. It makes me energized to play with kids and I'm starting to get excited about going to site! I know the first 6 months will be the most duro (difficult)... but I'm ready I think. 
  This Saturday I'm off to Field Based Training in Cajamarca, Peru.  I don't know which town yet but I'm super stoked. It's a chance for us to go see an actual volunteer in their site doing work. We will get to do a project and just live like a volunteer. Our first real taste if you will. No puedo esperar! 
  This week there are supposed to be more transportation strikes (meaning I won't be able to get to school) on Wednesday and Thursday so we shall see how this week pans out. When there's a paro (a strike) everything pretty much shuts down. Especially if it's a transportation strike. 
  By the way Nicole is now on my lap and wants to take a picture... so I should go :) Ask me preguntas (questions). Let me know how you all are! I love getting little messages! :)

Abrazos MUY fuertes,

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