Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A Little Mas...

Sooo... the food here so far is still delicious to me. I mean, I´m a little tired of rice but.. man. Potatoes. I´m really into potatoes... I think potatoes and I are in a steady relationship... for the next two years for sure! (hehehe... Julie! :) I had this soup tonight that was pretty delicioso.
So I have more Field Based Training News. I will definitely be going to Cajamarca for the week next week and will be leaving on sabado (saturday). I will get to conduct my own youth classes, go camping, go hiking, go to some natural hot baths, work with current volunteers, and generally learn a bunch. It will be an great experience for sure. The bus ride is about 11 hours (comparative to a certain bus ride I took in Spain to Barcelona, no?) but apparently the busses are comfy and you can actually sleep! I will travel during the night.
I might not be able to write again until after the training but trust me I will post more pics soon!



  1. Hello Emily,
    Sounds like you are doing great!

  2. Rachel and megan wayne want to say hi to you emily so .....HI! love, Rachel and megan (Sarah too)