Wednesday, September 16, 2009

More Happy Talk

My host mom's laugh is my favorite sound. The more I can make her laugh, the better. Last night, when I woke to the sound of rats on the tarp above my head again I dreamt that I talked the rats into letting me sleep and to going outside... I told my host madre this and it cracked her up! She says I'm chistosa and alegre.. and if that's what I'm known for in my home I am very content.

Today I am off to Lima for a little theater training workshop with Peru 11. I am very lucky to get this opportunity (there was one more spot open!) and it means I'll get to learn how to incorporate theater into developing the jovenes. :) The colegio (school) next to me is building a theater in one of the aulas (classrooms) so that could be a prime spot.. Maybe my first project will be teaching the kids how to do the Thriller Michael Jackson dance... or Happy Talk from South Pacific. I will take the night bus and catch some (hopefully) shut eye and arrive in the early morn.

Let's see: this past semana was a short one... 4 high schoolers and I made the delicious chocotejas to sell so they can earn some dinero for their promocion (graduation) trip. Oh! I made french toast for the familia yesterday morning.. it was my first time making french toast if you'd believe it.. and it actually turned out delicious. Put syrup on anything and you can't go wrong really. And it was the first time that anyone in my host family had tasted syrup! Their happy faces and exclamations that it was rico was the best start to any day. So far, two breakfasts made! Maybe I CAN cook! When padre comes, he'll have to make pancakes.

Another random thing: practically everyday I read the book "Mis Amigos" (a book Aunt Debbie gave me!) to my little host niece Itzl. It's a picture children's book and is written in both Spanish and English and she absolutely LOVES it.. I think (besides the pianica) this book might be the best thing I brought with me to Peru. She is even remembering the English words! Tri-lingual at 4!

Room Update: it is painted celestial blue and cemented. Now just for the wall and door and furniture! I think it should be up and running by next week or so which is good because A) My sister had to move downstairs to share her room with me for the meantime which I feel bad about B) There won't be rats crawling above my face at night anymore and C) I won't have to worry about holes in the floor.

Until next time! (Maybe even from Lima again!)


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  1. Would you like more books like this. Maybe a "sheet" book?