Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Soup for Desayuno Tracey Chapman and Other Tales

¡Hola a todos!
I´m writing from an internet cafe in Carhuaz (just down the road) where I get to use an actual Spanish keyboard! yay! :) So expect plenty of ñ´s and accentos.

So this week.. back to mi sitio ... after a great weekend welcoming Colleen in Huaraz... and I´m starting some projects! I have been working with a professor in the secundaria (high school) who teaches English. Yesterday we had a great class teaching Tracey Chapman´s ¿Baby Can I Hold You Tonight? At one point I almost broke out laughing I was so happy that there I was... teaching a Tracey Chapman song in a small high school in a rural town in Perú. :) Amazing! Also, yesterday and today I played my pianica with the high school band in the morning. (they practice literally right outside of my house). The band consists of mostly boys and it´s proved to be a good way to get to know them. I wish I had brought music with me to Peru! I´m going to be starting up my Community Diagnostic soon so I will have to make some surveys and such, I´ll probably start my World Map project within a month, next week I will help a group of girls raise money for their graduation party/viaje (trip) making chocolates and jewelry, I played soccer during PE class yesterday and I hope to start doing something during the tutoria hours for primaria (elementary school).

Also.. noticias about mi cuarto (my room): I bought cement and a celestial blue paint for the walls. We are going to cement it up on Sunday and paint it on Monday and then I´ll buy the bed the previous volunteer had (he said he slept like a baby so I´m pretty excited! It also means my feet won´t be dangling off the edge.. yay!). I think I´m going to paint a little mural... originally I wanted to paint my room yellow but my sis thought that was boring.. so, seeing as she will probably get the room after me, I think light blue is also a good choice. I´ll paint a flower for her (her name is florcita) :)

So, alrighty. I just bought some yankees (the local campo shoes EVERYONE wears here to work in the chacras.. they are made out of tires), I´ve got the Peruvian plastic bag and some bread for the fam... I ate a hearty soup for breakfast (the rest of the familia had TWO soups!) and now will return up to Shilla for the día. Mañana I get to go see my sis play in a soccer game in Huaraz! woo hoo! This weekend I´ll stay in site which should be exciting. Hasta pronto!



  1. Wow, Em, what an adventure. I have soooo much enjoyed your comments. You're a good writer!! Good luck in your new and semi-permanent home. I'm thinking of you and sharing in all your excitement. Take care, Cuz. love to you, Med

  2. You can get a Mac with a Western Spanish keyboard! Don't forget that you can always use ASCII to get the ñ´s, etc. Now that Snow Leopard is out I am going to have to come down there and upgrade your Mac for you.