Friday, September 11, 2009

  So, it is bad that I actually like fried guinea pig intestines? Or that... it really doesn't matter if I haven't taken a shower for 6 days? When I'm living in Shilla these things don't bother me.. it's the going to Huaraz and actually seeing a mirror and then I pause for a second... then I decide, naaa.. it's all good. :) For some reason we haven't had water at my house for the last week, so really.. I have an excuse about the shower thing anyway! 

  The last week has been another good one. I can't believe how fast time is already flying by... today the new group of peacecordians are flying into Peru. I cannot believe that! I thought I was still the freshman.. But no. And get this! Two more people, who graduated from University of Portland in 2008 (just like me and this other awesome volunteer Colleen who is already here with me :) are coming! And, because UP is so small, I know both of them (granted, one much better than the other). This is definitely a time to start breaking out the "It's a Small World After All" song.

  A small recap of this week would look like: Celine Dion singing, playing duck duck goose with Peruvian kids, making breakfast for my host family this morning (scrambled eggs, toast, fruit salad.. I don't think my host grandma liked it... :), watching the TV show Bones on my computer at night, waking up to a rat crawling right above my bed on the tarp hanging from the roof at 5 a.m... then going back to sleep, getting a wall approved for my World Map project (yay!), getting the gripe (a cold), getting a little business group of 5th year secundaria jovenes started (equivalent to seniors in high school), and spending every puesto del sol (sunset) outside, marveling at how BEAUTIFUL it is.  My favorite time of the dia is definitely the evening and night. At night the stars are AMAZING. Seeing the milky way is as easy as spotting a donkey here. 

  I think I'm off to Lima for a few days this coming week for a theater training. So that is last minute and cool. I have a lot of ideas of what I'd like to do in Shilla... a theater health group, music lessons, a youth radio show in the neighboring bigger town of Carhuaz, etc. etc. Also, I'd love to have my kids here start some conversations up with classes or people from City Corps in the U.S.  Any biters? Any teachers or City Corps biters specifically? 

  In other news, I look forward to the candy corn madre... in another hand delivered package.. hehe.. my family only knows how to send things in an awesomely different way. I hope everyone is doing well and thank you for the comments on the blog! Keep sending them. I love to read 'em!

Abrazos fuertisimos,

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