Saturday, June 27, 2009

¿3 Semanas Ya? Really?

So it has been three weeks of Peace Corps training so far and I cannot believe how quickly the time has gone (especially these past two weeks!). Training definitely keeps you busy! I know my vida will be different once I move to my site in late August and I´m glad for this stepping stone that is training. The support system is amazing. Not only do I have my fellow American friends all going through the same things as me at the same time, but the tech trainers for the Youth Development program are amazing, warm, supportive women (Angelica y Isabel), the doctor Jorge is hilarious and knows how to give shots without hurting me!, the safety guy Enrique is AWESOME and I feel very protected by him and all the staff (not in the sense that nothing is going to happen to me.. but in the sense that if something should go wrong, the best of the best have my back), and my current language teacher (Darío) is great and i play music with him/ chat in English/ talk about U.S. and Peruvian differences most days after classes. I can confidently take the combi by myself (yay) and have been to Lima twice so far.
Today we went to a University in Lime called La Molina where they have a huge department in Agricultural work and we will be going there every Saturday from now on to learn how to plant, make gardens, learn the names of different kinds of fruit/veggies/herbs, bee keeping (yup, you heard me), how to raise cuyes (guinea pigs... they eat them here... and no I have not tried one yet.. my familia´s cuyes are still growing in the backyard), etc etc. It was fun today... Dad: we got to use mulch and plant lettuce and eat weird fruits! My fav. fruit of the day is Chilimoya. I highly suggest everyone try one once in their life time... delicioso!!!
¿Qué más? I´m teaching my host siblings to type fast on the compter... the tootsie roll lolly pops are almost gone... oh! My friend Lisa´s family´s dog bit me yesterday.. pretty hard I might add. Luckily I already had my rabies shots and the dog has vaccines. So, that was a first! mostly it was just funny.
Here´s just a lil section to get a glimpse of Peruvian culture: There is so much i love about Peru so far: one being that they really understand my sense of humor and two when you offer food/a treat or to share something you brought with you in your lunch.. they will accept and take some! :) Its the simple things. I am surprisingly getting used to cold showers.. although I don´t look forward to showers like I used to and they make AMAZING teas and warm drinks here mornings and nights. The combi (bus) rides involve a guy yelling at you to SUBE SUBE (get up get up) or BAJO BAJO (get off get off).
I will find out what site I´m headed to 4 weeks from now I believe. Meanwhile we have another spanish interview next week to see if we advance levels.. annddd.. there´s another strike on Tuesday (this time the public transportation will not be running so we hae to walk an hour and a half to the center that day).
If anyone has good ideas for group dinámicas (fun ice breaker ish games) for kids/teens please send them my way. I hope everyone is having a great start to their summer! (winter for me!) I am on skype during the week in the evenings (about 7pm your time) sometimes and on Sundays in the mornings! (FYI).


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  1. Hi Emily! So fun to read your updates! Please keep writing them!! Your village looks like La Jolla to me! Where is the beach?? Summer is going well here. Sounds like you are happy and adjusting well. When can we come visit? Love, Ellen