Monday, June 22, 2009

¡Desde Perú!

¡Hola a todos! Just wanted to write a quick update with the work that I´m doing in training... Currently for training (besides getting vaccinated like crazy) we have project to do based on what language level we´re in/ our program. I, with my group of 4 other peacecordians in the youth development field, need to get together about 15 youth in our towns together for an afterschool weekly club of sorts. We need to create games/create a fun atmosphere and teach. We plan on using the pianica for sure!
Next I have to create an hour long lesson for some 30 kids in the local school.... about ANYTHING I want. Sooo.. I thought of the idea to do a Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego type of thing. To teach geography/play games at the same time. Plus who doesn´t need to learn more about geography? :) We shall see how that goes.
Finally I need to come up with another project to do for the entire town of Yanacoto as a way to thank them for hosting us peacecordians. Maybe a trash clean up? It can include adults and kids. As you can see, creativity seems to be essential for work in the Peace Corps. I´m pretty excited about the groups. I´ve learned so much from my job at City Corps in Ventura... things don´t seem as daunting as they would have before City Corps.
Besides projects I have the normal español tarea and such, I watch pokemon or dragon ballz reguarly with my host bro, I play music with my spanish professor Darío after class most days, hang out, play cards with the familia, oh! And today I played basketball with some locals and peacecordians and it really pays to be tall!! Or at least a lot taller than basicaly the entire population of Peru.
¡Hasta pronto! More pics to be posted soon.

Abrazos Fuertes,

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  1. you could paint houses! I LOVE painting houses for people. Makes everything all cheery. :) Sounds like you are having an incredible time. the carmen san diego game is a wonderful idea!

    Miss you!