Saturday, June 6, 2009

Estoy en Peru!

So here I am... a little out side of Lima, Peru, sitting in a little tienda that is in this resort (that is the best way to describe it) where all 36 of us Peace Corps Trainees (both Business Development and Youth Development volunteers) are staying for two nights before we meet our first host familias tomorrow. I literally have no words for how happy I am! Our plane had some weather issues coming into Miami yesterday so we were delayed... needless to say.... A LOT. and got into Peru at about 2 in the morning... I went to bed at 4 a.m. We are all sleep deprived, tired, drained.. and psyched about everything! This place we are staying is basically made for retreats and families to come during the day to get away from the city. There are tons of jungle gyms, llamas, horses just wakling around with the llamas, swing sets, go karts, sports fields, ping pong tables, pool, and even paddle boats (that I for sure already tried out!). Whew. Theres so much to talk about! We were greeted at the aeropuerto by the peace corps staff.. who are all so exceptionally warm, caring people. It was so nice not to have to worry about a thing last nice once we arrived. We had some training today.. oh.. did I mention how AWESOME all these people whoa re doing this with me are? I am already fast friends with many of them and feel like I have known them for much longer than just two days! I am almost teary with joy.
Some things I have done ya (already):
taken a picture of llamas
gotten to know some peruvians (theyre sooooo friendly) one guy video taped me for his nieces in California
had a spanish test
not gotten sick yet
paddle boated in a very small area
eaten delicious arroz con pollo
made many friends!
played on a swing set
played with peruvian kids in a (not so safe.. but awesome) tree house
slept only 3 hours a night... for the past 3 nights!
met a woman from Colombia (she said shes Shakiras twin.. hehe)
gotten my spanish back!!!!

There are more things.. but that is what I can think of now. Please email me with questions or queever at
I feel good, we are safe, peruvians are friendly, the staff are amazing and I am unbelieveably excited and know this is the what I need to be doing right now. Tomorrow I move in with a family and I start official classes on Monday. Wish me luck... so far so good.

Con abrazos fuertes,


  1. emily it sounds amazing... i wish i had as exciting news for you, but sadly not so much. You are definately missed in Ventura, but I am glad to hear you are doing so well in Peru. I want to see a llama, i think i saw one once at a petting zoo in the parking lot of barnes and noble :) haha, missing you tons, but so proud of you, love court xoxo

  2. miss you lady. post those pics, i'd love to see your new llama friends. Thinking of you, can't wait to freaking visit! :D You should get the twin's autograph, just to say you did. You'd probably make her day. :)

  3. I am so glad that you are doing well. I heard that you got sick with the water a little bit. Are you OK now? We having your mom's birthday party at grandpa's house on Monday. We set the time for our skype soon!