Sunday, June 21, 2009


Sorry about not explaining the pics guys... I downloaded the pictures when I didn´t have mucho tiempo and I just decided to post `em without having to write anything. So the first is dos of my amigas Lisa on the left y Colleen on the right. (Colleen went to UP with me! Crazy, no?). Lisa is from Ohio and is awesome. I am at her casa right now here in Yanacoto cuz she lives in an internet café. There´s also a pic of my house here (the blue and yellow one) I live on the yellow floor. Theres a pic of the training center when they first greeted us on the first Sunday and then there are llamas that were at the Huampaní. (The resort place we went to during the first weekend.) Wow. I use a lot of parenthesis! I will write more laters! I´m in the process of training to download skype to talk to the familia! Hope everything is swell in the states (and in Belgium too Emilie and Guillaume!) !



  1. Why do you need training to download Skype? Didn't you install Skype before you left?

  2. I had to download skype on a different computer tío Michael. :)